Daisies or flowers that don\'t mind shade?

Taree, Australia


I have gardens on either side of my front stairs which are shaped in a triangular inward arch to each side of the house with the widest part 1.5m at the start. The previous owners planted a hedge along the back of the beds and purple 'Mad Hatter' (Cuphea hyssopifolia) along the rockery border which are doing well but are great for difficult weeding as weeds grow inside and entangle themselves within it.
Between the hedge and the Mad Hatter are white stones which I'm not particularly taken with and would like to brighten up. I was thinking of planting a pink astilbe against the hedge as it is a shady plant but I was wondering if daisies would do ok in this part-shade (more sun in Summer) environment that is shaded by the house. I was thinking maybe painted or shasta. A neighbour two doors down had Federation daisies in a similar position that were doing well but I don't know if they had a drier yard or built-up bed.
Anyway, I was wondering if they would be ok for the bed or if you had any other suggestions for the area.



P.s. Will post photo tomorrow.

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