Will this plant grow in my z8?

Stonewall, LA

I'm doing some planning for some flowerbeds in spring, using the internet to look at different plants and such.

I live in z8 northern Louisiana. There's a difference between z8 in Louisiana vs z8 in California, right? Is there any website where I can cross check to see if a certain plant will thrive in MY z8?

Lynnwood, WA

Hello there I do not know of a website that covers your needs. Best thing is to determine what your plant temperature and exposure needs/ tolerances are and plant accordingly. If you are new to gardening, ask your local agricultural extensional LSU has an agcenter in caddo parish or ask a local nursery. Alternatively you can practice zone denial ( with in reason) and plant things that are questionable and see what works. A micro climate can allow many plants to grow where normally they may not. sorry I could be of more assistance good luck

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