Tallest agave species list needed

Sacramento Valley, CA

Hi Everyone, I'm posting this here because the succulent forum looks like it hasn't had an active thread since January and I'm hoping someone will see this and respond. My neighbor has recently opened up a large patch of land he wants to grow giant agaves on. I grow many of the medium to small species outdoors so climate should be no problem here. We're not talking about flower stem height (even some of the small ones have stalks several feet in height) I'm solely referring to the size and tallness of the leaves. He's interested in agaves that reach at least 5 feet or taller and wants to plant multiple species. I know some of the species names have changed or are synonyms of each other which is why I'm asking for the latest info. Can anyone recommend 5 or 10 species to choose from that fit this category? If you have personal favorites or species you think are better avoided please let me know that too, thanks for your help!

Magnolia, TX(Zone 9a)

Most forums go quiet in the winter. Calif is prob one of the few places in the states that can grow anything now. I don't have any agaves, but my suggestion is to use the Plant Files if you are a member.

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