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Loveland, OH

How do I find a garden club in my area? I genuinely want to learn I've watched videos and read articles galore. Still kill everything though. I just need to find somewhere local(Cincinnati) to learn. The zoo has classes but I work second shift Monday through Friday so that has really put a damper on the few options I have found.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Loveland OH is a great place to be - to learn to garden. There are lots of resources in southwestern Ohio/greater Cincinnati. I meet monthly with a horde of green industry folks in the area affectionately known as the Tree Geeks, but we cover all kinds of growing things in addition to trees. Many of them are associated with the institutions listed below.

You could contact horticulture staff at the Cincinnati Zoo, and ask them for references.

You could contact the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati - more good people.

Your county's Cooperative Extension Service will have a wealth of information of all kinds, and classes are available through their auspices also.

A nearby community garden populated by people familiar with growing things may also be a really good way for you to launch some lifelong learning. You could work alongside people who have success, could use some help, and you can develop the knowledge and skills to be successful yourself.

Good luck!

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