Help Identifying Spider - possibly Columbian

Stroud, United Kingdom

We had a spider run across a lads hand at work while he putting out Bananas, country of Origin was Columbia although there's always a slight chance it could be domestic (UK)
Sadly because it came in the Bananas from a foreign place policy forces us to preserve it in the freezer, poor little thing only wanted a holiday

Any idea what spider it is?

Stroud, United Kingdom

Pics... failed first time around

Stroud, United Kingdom

Attempt number 2 :/

Forgot to mention, the body is about an inch in length total, legs are roughly an inch each

Thumbnail by turbobuddah Thumbnail by turbobuddah Thumbnail by turbobuddah
Minot, ND

Cannot be positive of a specific i.d.; possibly a sac spider - see for an example. These have a very wide distribution, including Britain.

Stroud, United Kingdom

That does look very similar, the colours are alot more bold/opaque on the one we caught but it's very close to it, pics weren't great can't take a decent one through the container, thanks for the help :)

Minot, ND

Please keep in mind that most spider species, like humans, can demonstrate a good deal of individual variation.

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