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SOLVED: Can someone help me with this 10-foot tall grass?

Courtdale, PA

Hi. Sorry the photo isn't very good but the ice of the swamp I was standing on was cracking underneath me as I snapped.
In Pennsylvania and in a wet area that is what remains of an old breached dam. I know it looks like Phragmities but it's about 10 feet tall and has NO leaves on the stem at all. If it had any basal leaves they weren't present; it was growing in a massive football field size concentration of these plants. Thanks.

Thumbnail by bobquart
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

The dead leaves may have been stripped from the stem by the wind. If you don't think it's Phragmites, another possibility is Arundo donax (can't really tell from just the one pic).

Courtdale, PA

Thanks, I'll look that up right now. Pretty sure it wasn't the wind stripping the leaves because I wandered through hundreds of them and didn't see a single stem leaf. Maddening.

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