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SOLVED: Red Tree Sprout in Garden

Canoga Park, CA

Hey all! I'm trying to get an id on this little guy. I live in zone 9b, los angeles CA area.

From what I recall, the seed was roughly the size of a small Walnut, but round and smooth and dark.

He's quite pretty, and I'm thinking he might make a nice house plant tree (since I'm renting, so can't leave him in the ground) unless he turns out to be toxic, invasive or otherwise unsuitable. Hoping ya'll can help me figure it out!

I posted it on another forum as well, but the only suggestion I've been given so far is that it might be some type of buckeye.

Thumbnail by DayPirate Thumbnail by DayPirate
Loganton, PA(Zone 5b)

How about a Horse Chestnut ?

Thumbnail by beesfarm
Canoga Park, CA

Could be! The other forum suggested it might also be a black walnut. I've taken a few more photos now that it's a bit older:

Thumbnail by DayPirate Thumbnail by DayPirate
Loganton, PA(Zone 5b)

The Black Walnut isn't smooth , Buck Eye and Horse Chestnut are .

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

That plant definitely is NOT a Buckeye or Horsechestnut (Aesculus sp.). That genus of plants has opposite arrangement of palmate compound leaves.

Your illustrated plant has pinnate compound leaves, but I can't say with certainty whether they are opposite or alternate in arrangement along the main stem - though they appear alternate. In your next set of images, take some side view shots instead of just from above.

It's possibly something in the Hickory family, maybe a Pecan. Regardless, I will be surprised if any species like that will tolerate an indoor regimen - unless treated like a bonsai.

Canoga Park, CA

@beesfarm @ViburnumValley

Thanks for your help guys! Based on the help I got here and on another forum, I've determined it's pretty certainly a black walnut. Here's an updated picture of the plant. It's lost almost all its red now.

Also, a new sprout popped up in my garden. It wasn't red at all, but green right from the start, but otherwise it looked identical to the first. I dissected it and this is what the seed looked like.

I'm going to mark this completed/identified. Thanks again!

Thumbnail by DayPirate Thumbnail by DayPirate Thumbnail by DayPirate
Loganton, PA(Zone 5b)

Darn squirrels !

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