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SOLVED: Succulents and cacti

4735, Denmark

Hi. I have tried for so long now, to find ID for some succulents and cacti, that I have, but I give up now. I really hope, that somebody in here, can help me. There are 8 succulents and 3 cactis.
Best greetings from Denmark.

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

#1 looks like a Ceropegia
#2 looks like Euphorbia obesa
#5 is an Echeveria

4735, Denmark

Ceropegia, isn't that a string of heart plant?
# 5 I have tried to look at alot of Echeveria's, but none of them looks like this one. Echeveria's leaves seems to bend upwards and are not as "sparkeling" as this one. The leaves on mine bends downwards. Sorry, my english. I hope you understand, what I mean :)

San Francisco, CA

First, all your plants need more light. I know sunlight is a scarce thing in winter in Denmark, but you should keep them right at the best window, and not water through the winter.
The first and second are a Euphorbia of the globulosa group.
The third is a member of the Commeliaceae - perhaps a Callisia
The fourth is so hard to determine as is is so stretched and pale; might be a Crassula, maybe a Mesemb.
Fifth looks like the plant long-called Tacitus, now considered Graptopetalum bellum.

4735, Denmark

Hi Vestia.
The plants are from stores with bad light, so I have placed all of them nearby a window facing south. Yes, we don't have a lot of sunhours this time of year and I have bought some growing lights, but they haven't arrived yet.
Thank you so much for helping me. I'll try to google the names you've wrote. :)

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Sorry, I was way off on these. Glad Vestia could help you.

4735, Denmark

No worries, Cville_Gardener. I'm still very thankfull, that you would take time to try helping me. :)

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