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Help me identify this insec.

Mankato, MN

I found this creature in singapore, but have never encountered it before. Not sure if its poisonous but I do see stingers at the back. I plan on releasing it soon but I'm not sure if its native to Singapore. If it's an invasive species I would keep him captive and leave him with some friends I have here if I ever need to return to U.S. Also if it is please do tell me what I can feed it.
Many thanks!

Mankato, MN

Here are the photos

Thumbnail by onghaohao Thumbnail by onghaohao Thumbnail by onghaohao
Minot, ND

This is an earwig, basically a nuisance pest that usually does little real harm. This likely is a native species; see https://i.pinimg.com/564x/02/7c/c3/027cc37ffa82378a04b760d1dbcfdcc2.jpg for a similar example.
Unfortunately, I have no idea as to what your specimen might eat, as various species of earwigs have widely diverse feeding habits. Some are predators on other small arthropods, some are more vegetarian, and others are omnivores, eating darn near anything...

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