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SOLVED: Help with ID please

Toronto, Canada

Hi! I bought this plant back in 2015, the lady who sold it to me said it is a plant from Vietnam, but I haven't been able to identify it, the store is no longer open.

As you can see, I have tied it up to a stick because otherwise it falls and I don't know if it should go up or down. (English is not my first language, hope you can understand what I mean.)

Thank you in advance!!

Thumbnail by Annie4 Thumbnail by Annie4 Thumbnail by Annie4 Thumbnail by Annie4
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Aglaonema - common name is "Chinese Evergreen".

Toronto, Canada

Quote from TomH3787 :
Aglaonema - common name is "Chinese Evergreen".

Thank you for the response. However, looking at different pictures of Chinese Evergreen, mine does not grow tall, I untied the rope so you can see how it grows...

I asked this in other forums and some discarded this option :-(

Should I keep it tied up or just let it grow as it pleases?

Thanks again :-)

Thumbnail by Annie4
Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

Looks like an Aglaonema. Did the other forums perhaps think it's a Dieffenbachia?

Richmond, TX

Perhaps it grows like that because it needs more light.

Toronto, Canada

Thank you Cville_Gardener and porkpal.

In the other forums Dieffenbachia was mentioned, and some others, but no one was sure.

I live in Toronto (Canada) so I don't have much light in the winter, the plant is next to the window during the whole winter (November-April approx.), and then I move it so that the sunlight is not direct, that was the recommendation I was given...

Thanks again!

San Francisco, CA

Dieffenbachia for sure.
Move it in front of the window for winter; it clearly needs the help of a support.

Davis, CA(Zone 9a)


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