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Chepachet, RI(Zone 5b)

Hi Everyone--it's been a few years since I've been a member--happy to be back. :) I rejoined and am posting because I am in the process of placing my seed orders, and am facing some serious sticker shock (I'll leave the swear words out of this. ;) ). Not going to get into naming names, but $4.45 for a packet of tomato seeds is ridiculous. I will probably bite the bullet on a few varieties with this vendor this year, because I tend to like their seeds and germination rates, but I can't afford to keep doing this. My plan is to start saving seeds this year, at least when it comes to tomatoes, which is really the bulk of my gardening crop. I understand I can't save hybrid seeds and expect any sort of predictability (though I have to tell you I've seen Juliets come up and they look pretty much the same to me) but as far as heirlooms go, am I correct in understanding that with tomatoes you really don't need to worry much about cross pollination? My garden is only 50'x50', I don't have the space to plant separate plots of tomatoes.

Any suggestions/help/advice appreciated. Thank you so much!

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It is hard to get tomatoes to cross except for pollinators, so we can exclude pollinators. I don't mess with bagging most times and take my chances.
Here is a pretty good take on it

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