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HELP!!!!! Rubber tree

Central, SC

I have a Rubber tree. I have had him about 2 years. he is about 4 feet tall. He was repotted 2 years ago. during the summer he does fine. I just brought him indoors a few months ago for the weather. The last time I watered him was about a month ago. I gave him about a gallon of water. I noticed the last few days that some leaves where spotting and dropping off. So for kicks I pulled the plant out of the pot I had it in and noticed there was water in the saucer I had below the black pot. (another words the black pot you see in the picture was inside a big fancy pot with a clear plant tray at the bottom to catch water. That clear tray had water in it that had to of been there since last watering over a month ago. I took the plant out and sat it in my shower (as seen in the pic) and there is water dripping out of the pot (not alot but some).

So my questions:

1. After I let it sit there a few hours is it safe to put it back in the pot now that the water is gone?

2. Do I need to repot again because of this?

3. when should I rewater?


sorry photos are sideways.

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Lynnwood, WA

hello there based on the overall appearance the plant looks good. If you are concerned about the possibility of root rot due to the plant potentially sitting in water for a month, you could take the plant out of the pot and see if the roots at the bottom of the pot are discolored or mushy. As for as watering is concerned, you can wait until the soil is just about dry to touch or lift the plant to see. The general rule of thumb is 1 time per month in winter or as the plant needs. Sound vague right? This is because it is hard to know how quickly something will dry out based on people's use of heating systems or relevant temperature of location where plant resides.

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