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Victoria Harbour, ON

We came from here...


Lordy, where did January go??

Iíve started my Solstice quilt, have December and January blocks put together, now to quilt them. Also started a Perriwinkle Quilt for one of the grandsons for Christmas, have 2 quilts made but need 2 more.

On the frame (exceptwhere Ziggy pulled pins out)Iíve a wedding quilt ready to quilt soooo Iím trying to be productive while doing some spring cleaning.

Managed to get one of the bedrooms painted, wallpaper boarder on and trying today to wallpaper a wall, not going so well, seems not enough glue on pre glued paper, Iím using bad words lol

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new room. Hard to believe it is February already.
Nothing worse that wallpaper with not enough sticky on it. Can you take it back?


Betty - did you "book" the wallpaper? Mine says "water for 5 seconds, then book for 10 min" I actually put the timer on for the booking (fold it in on itself, so it's glue to glue - no idea how that helps.......but it seems to work)

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

You are brave woman, tackling wallpaper without help!

I didn't get much done on my day off. Took a nap, finished a book and puttered a little. Might get new liners made for chicken wire baskets that sit on top of frig to store the Tupperware bowls and lids.

Contractors are making progress on bathroom. It is looking very nice and I'm excited.


Bob says when I want to do wallpapering next, and have an entire day to do it, then he'll move the furniture. If he weren't here, I would move it myself. It's just the coffee table & the couch. Oh yeah, then empty the china cabinet & move it - yeah, would take 2 hours to do that, and I'm not moving the cabinet. Way too heavy!

Betty - are you having to move furniture? I certainly hope that if you do it's very light stuff!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yes Susan I book the wallpaper, maybe just a bad batch..looked at the project this morning and did measuring, grrr last row will be about 1Ē wide if not smaller..
2 dressers and bed had to be moved in order to paint and wallpaper..when you live on your own you have no option but to move things. Sigh

Great news Pat on contractors doing well, sometimes they run into obstacles that take more time and materials and $$$. Great when project comes in within budget!
Nice to have down days..how is Ben?

Planning to go to Buffalo on the 18th, I and Suzanne need to return a few things at kholís and of course another trip to joanns, weather permitting that is.

Snowing like crazy this morning, been out to shovel and out garbage by the roadside, doubtful girls will come this morning to sew but they have braved worse weather.

If they donít come Iíll quilt those 2 panels for Solstice quilt then Iíll be ready to start February panel when it becomes available.

Have perm appointment this afternoon, so need it


Betty - thought your sons said to call them for help with stuff like that - moving, etc?!?!

Victoria Harbour, ON

They do come susan, but one is in the city 100 miles away and get works in Barrie about 40 miles away, already doing work for me and small odd jobs..cupboards and beds are on slider casters so not hard to move, only moving a few feet, if I canít do that then I shouldnít be living on my own, not lift8ng anything. Lol.
still in my nighty, snowing like crazy again today so might get scraps of Valentineís Day fabric cut into squares, maybe even St Patrickís day fabric and make a simple throw..you know the kind you simply put blocks on yardage and sew 1/4 inch each side of block, takes on a rag look..for the amount of time they are out that is all I need seeing I made a few quilts last year and this is a way of depleting my stash.

Now letís see what I accomplish 😉


Glad they're on casters, Betty :-) I know you appreciate your independence. I can certainly understand it and them living so far away, it's not easy for them to just pop in and help. Plus, they work too and are busy with their families. How's Noah doing, btw?

Pat - how's Ben?

I've been thinking about what to do for St. Valentine's Day - should do something for the crafting group.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ben saw the specialist again today and Dr. Chau said it's improving. He also wrote the orders that the HOSPITAL has to wrap the leg daily while he is there daily doing the IV treatment. I appreciate that.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Good news Pat..who takes Ben everyday?
How are the renoís Going? When do they expect to be done?
So many questions..

Who is sewing today?

Cut blocks out yesterday for st Patrickís throw and while I was in town bought red and green hot pads to make a few more mug rugs so maybe today Iíll get out of my nighty and sew

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

I have this cut out, and ready to start pieces. It is for my Niece, that had a little girl. I am going to do it in the soft colors as shown.

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That's so pretty, Linda Kay! I know your niece will love it!

Pat - that's great about you not having to wrap his leg! Let the medicals do the work. That's my take on these things!
Betty - ask all these questions. I forget to sometimes, and you're our "go to" for remembering lol I also want to know about the renos! (Pat?)

Betty - you sure have a lot of mug rugs! One way to use fabric bits & pieces eh? I need to do some, too. Not that I'll get to it right away, but guests ask for something to put under their cups, so should have something that looks uniform, not the different ones I have now.......

Victoria Harbour, ON

What a beautiful design lindakay, treasure for the babe to keep, did you buy a kit or pattern and using up your stash? You will have to post as you progress.

Well Susan changing and decorating pot holder take but minutes,I decorate for each season/holiday and like coordinating things.lol

Said Iíd go play in craft room but more to go then about 1/4Ēstrip, imagine and Iím done the project, all but decorating and Iíve found a few things so Iíll be happy, always nice to have a project done.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

The pattern was a free download, and I had a few of the pastels. They were hard to find. Not too many places carry them.

Victoria Harbour, ON

The ones I buy for baby quilts I get from joanns..if I need another blanket Iíll ask for your pattern..still have the baby quilt I made for Oliverís newborn, he almost lived at our house..very wealthy young man, perhaps home made doesnít work for them so I have it should I have a shower.

Storming so stayed in my Jammieís and will put my feet up lol

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Got three QOV tops and backs ready to send to long armer. T-shirt quilt I'm making for D.I. is all ready to start assembly. This will probably be the last one I do for them as my grandson has resigned from the state board. I'll be starting another T-shirt quilt for Gr. grandson's band fund raising soon. The uniforms they are using are 17 years old. They are at the point where they are barely holding together so the band has been rising money for new ones. The cost will be $63,000. with some help from gifts and grants they now only need another $5,000. so they have been ordered. They have until Sept. to raise the rest of the funds, success is in sight. They have supplied me with T's from their past events and some from the school too. I'm thinking of maybe adding a small uniform jacket to the center. I also have duplicates of some of the shirts, thinking I can make pillows with them. TN doesn't allow raffles so will be in a silent auction. Too bad as raffles raise more money.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Renovation finished today except I want a different toilet.... it is NOT elongated like it was supposed to be. I have an adaptor now and I will see if I can take pictures and post.
Ben fell while in the bathroom at the hospital. Got his feet tangled standing up to transfer to toilet. He is sore in places he didn't know he had but did not seem to injury anything.
His caregiver just gave notice today. 2/15 is her last day. I will be scrambling to find another. She and her husband have some medical issues to address. I will miss her terribly! she is totally AWESOME. maybe when things calm down for her she will come back in a couple of months.
Work has been kicking my butt and I am so tired. It was all I could do not to strangle two of my clients. Can't they just LISTEN to instructions and follow the darn rules???? One will do her thing and bad mouth me to director. Client is NOT a nice person and I look forward to getting her OFF my case load someday.

The baby blanket pattern is beautiful!

3 QOV, holy cow Karen, you are really cranking up that sewing machine. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.


Betty - I like coordinating things too, but during all these moves, I seem to have mislaid so many things.

Pat - Ben must be pretty bruised up, eh? Glad he didn't injure anything. Pretty scary for both of you, but glad he was in the hospital when it happened!! Poor guy
Sorry you're losing a caregiver. I certainly hope she'd be able to come back when the health issues are better.
With all you have going on, having clients that are "that way" can't be easy to take. They need to be nicer, just on a general principal!!!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Sorry to hear he fell Pat. Praying he is not too bad today.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Pat hoping you can find another care helper right away. You have just too much going on it's wearing you down.
I've been working on the QOVs for some time so not as fast as it seems. In fact, I feel very behind. I'll put the T-shirt top together today and get it off for quilting. I need to get more blocks cut out for QOVs. I like to get a bunch cut out and then I can have a pile to make quilts from. Seems as easy to me to make a couple at a time as to do one.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Oh happy days Pat re renovations, should take them a lot to change to the toilet you want..luckyBen didnít break anything, what a to do that would be.

Oh my goodness Karen, that was a lot of money to raise, kudos to them..I like raffles vs bids as well, more $$$ unless itís a patron of the school who just wants to provide funds.

Over a foot of snow, Iíve cleaned car, shovelled walkway and Andrew was here to plow so all well in my world, well for right now seeing as itís still snowing.photo 4 is the depth of snow that fell last night.

Finished the painting and wallpapering in spare room so Iím all caught up with projects so now I can go play downstairs, maybe sew something for St Patrickís day

How are your projects coming along?

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Need new bedspread and curtains and room done
Not fond of color but oh well, not repainting right now

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great job on the wallpapering, Betty! What fun you're having with the room! I gather you don't like painting. If I could, I'd drop in & do it. I love painting :-)

Met a neighbour who is selling her jewellry & stained glass supplies. She said if I just wanted scraps of stained glass (I do, for a collage), and leading, grinder & her to teach me for an hour, she'd let me have it all for $100! wow oh wow! I want to do some, for an outside project. I think it would look nice on the outside wall and/or fence.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Raffles raise much more. When I go to the D.I. meet, I really push the ticket sales. I think every kid there should have a chance at the quilt. Only $1. each and I can usually raise over $500. Probably be lucky if the one for band raises $100. but it's the law in TN.

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Susan, you will have a lot of fun with the new stained glass projects. Post pictures when you get some done.


Linda - first I'll have to do some reno projects, then wait for good weather to do any stained glass (primitive) projects out on our deck. Catherine warned me that with the fumes it can't be done indoors. I don't have a workshop, so not going to happen indoors lol


it's SE part of Calgary, and we're 1 hr NE of Calgary, in a rural area.
The link has been updated to show it's re-opened, after a 50 car pileup. They apparently ran into some fog, and some people were taken to hospital with minor injuries..... gosh, I'm glad there were no fatalities! I do know people who live in SE Calgary though, including my cousin, Cher. I called her, but got no answer. Hope to hear from her soon.
Thanks for posting, Linda

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Ben is moving better than he thought he would be. I have leads on several different people for new caregiver. I hope to get this settled on this coming Monday. We will only have Liz this coming week & she will be gone... darn it! Liz was soooooo good and I really trusted her so it will be tough shoes to fill!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Here is hoping you can find someone Pat, hugs, you always seem to take two steps forward and 3 back, big sigh!


Glad to hear Ben's moving so well after his fall.
Here's hoping you find a trustful & good-with-Ben caregiver, Pat. It can be stressful finding one that fits into your household.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Surprise surprise to me, donít have to shovel this morning which means I can finish my coffee, get out the fabric I bought forbedroom curtains..went all over trying to find made curtains 54Ē long but no go so bought 6 yards of sheer with scalloped bottom, shouldnít be too difficult right?

While shopping bought backing for perriwinkle quilt and a yd of st Patrickís day fabric..between all that I should be able to fill my weekend in..Ziggy has to inspect fabric, likely thinking what mischief he get get into with it.

What are you up to today?

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Betty - furries always have to inspect something new in the house. IF they approve, you're ok, but if not..... hmm pulling out pins? lol

I'm painting around the house - have to cover patched up walls, etc. Besides, some rooms haven't been painted for about 11 years. It's time for a refresh!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

I was overwhelmed just painting one room and here you are doing several..

Made the drapes, just not fond of the room redone

Hmmm maybe a redo come spring, in the meantime Iíll close the bedroom door so I donít see it

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no no Betty - not doing several. Only the alcove in our bathroom above the sink counter, and one wall in our bedroom (the wall with the sliding glass doors to our closet) so not a lot of each room. They just desperately needed to be done. I don't like having a dated wall, and they desperately needed refreshing/recovering of repair patches. It would be a total of 1 1/2 hours for both. Hardly anything at all, and Bob did all the prep-work of patching, sanding, cleaning, edging. I just painted.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, weather alert on for my region, so glad I donít have to go out.

Iíve a pile of squares cut just waiting to become something lol

Need a few Valentineís Day mug rugs to do, the hot pad type, quick projects so that ought to keep me out of mischief for the day

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Victoria Harbour, ON

What will these become??

Oops wrong photo, bad me

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Susan, it FEELS so good when a little refresh covers up patches etc and makes it look nice again.

Betty, what is it that you don't like about the room? Or can you put your finger on it? The bedspread is brown on white? Right now, the only pink I can see is in the big picture on the wall. I would consider adding more pink to the room or changing out the art. I think the room would benefit from more color. Like a runner over the foot of the bed in a brighter pink & brown. Swap out at least one of the solid brown pillows for something pink with a small amount of brown pattern or applique of bird or something to tie them together again.

Right now, the only pink I can see is in the big picture on the wall. I would consider adding more pink to the room or changing out the art.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Pat, the quilt is black and white but itís going as soon as I get back into Barrie shopping..picture isnít exact in color as there is no pink tones, all mauve and match the walls exactly..pillows on bed purple..will give it time but thanks for the thought.

Really snowing out there, soon have to get ambitious, get dressed and go shovel.

Did do some mug rugs and stained the singer metal frame top so accomplishing a bit.

Going to have lunch then will work on st. Pattyís throw

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