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SOLVED: Pepper plant identification

Land O Lakes, FL

Plant was sold to me as a Ghost Pepper plant locally. I don't think that is what it is though, as the peppers are rather small, and more stubby. To me, the pepper looks like a small habanero, but red. I have attached some images with the pepper, plant, and flower shown. It may not be a habanero at all, but that's the closest thing I can identify it as.

Sorry if the pictures upload sideways, I'm not sure why they do that when they appear normal in my file explorer. Let me know if you need any more pictures to help ID. I'll probably upload another one of the pepper next to a ruler to show size if no one identifies it quickly.

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Land O Lakes, FL

Couple more photos showing scale and bottom of the pepper.

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Woodland, CA

Your photos do resemble some of the ghost peppers I have seen. I understand the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper now. See if you would like to see photos of the 10 hottest peppers...

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