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SOLVED: House plant gift

Naperville, IL

It's never flowered and the friend is out of touch. The skewers are just to hold the leaves up for the picture as they have recently broken from repotting. The bulbs are the size of medium-large onions!

Thumbnail by Bradco Thumbnail by Bradco
Raleigh, NC(Zone 7b)

Amaryllis (Hippeastrum cv.) The bulbs are probably too small to flower but it's easy to get them to grow larger with proper care. Keep outdoors in the summer where it gets lots of sun. Fertilize with a complete plant food per instructions on the package. Discontinue feeding in late summer. Hippeastrum can be kept dormant over the winter to reduce maintenance. To do this, in the fall place the pot where it won't get water or tip it on its side so the soil will dry out and the bulbs will go dormant. Once the leaves have died back (and definitely before the first freeze) bring the pot indoors and put it in a cool, dry place - an unheated basement or garage is ideal as long as it stays above freezing. Let it stay dormant at least 8 weeks. You can let it stay dormant even longer - just check every week or so for signs of new growth. When they start to sprout that means they're ready to go. I usually let mine stay dormant in the garage until March or early April. Anyway, when you're ready to start growing it again, water thoroughly and put it in a window where it gets as much sun as possible. Turn the pot every couple of days so the stems and leaves grow straight. After it starts growing give it a light application of fertilizer. Be sure not to overwater to avoid root rot - let the surface of the soil dry out in between watering. After flowering the plant can be moved back outdoors as soon as the danger of frost/freeze is past.

Naperville, IL

Thank you! No wonder it has never bloomed!

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