MARCH -Challenges,Projects & Organizing Ourselves..all welcome!!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Moved us over from here

Hard to believe January and Februaryare behind us..

Didnít accomplish as much as I wanted to accomplish but satisfied with what I did get done.

March goal is to paint Linda/Daveís house sign

St Patrickís day throw

Spring pillow

Work,on Winter birds and quilt the 3 solstice quilt blocks and oerhaostheywill have block number 4 ready for pick up

Always good to have goals right?

Although I was tired I found my second wind, got the woodpile block #3 put together

Girls came to sew tonight, was nice to hear the chatter

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the new thread.
Love that block!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Odd, I tried to open the picture and it kept doing funny things, NO picture... I'll try again later.

Goals... my goals right now is to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I really need to get a round on a quilt top that is way over due. Slammed at work and putting way too much worry over the whole caregiver status stuff. The caregiver will start on Monday, if she doesn't work out.... well... I'll start over. Guess that is simple enough right?

We move to a motel next week while the contractor gets the hardwood floors done. Looking forward to getting that DONE.


I had the same thing, Pat - won't open the picture.
Ah - wondered where you were going to move to while floors get done.
You have some good & simple goals - one thing at a time. :-) Small bites

Got internet back this morning - after 14 hours without!
Went to hospital, got x-rays, and everything looks fine they said. I can go bowling tomorrow, just keep an eye on my knee. It's not swollen, but it is stiff & sore of course. Anyone falling would be. I'm just glad it didn't affect my new knee

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Glad to hear no damage to your knee.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad no damage susan, give it a few more days..

Lindakay you feeling better?

Pat, how right you are, worry about each issue as they lovely the floors will look when done..hooe this caregiver works out.

Maybe these photoís will open, only one is my project, the woodpile, the others is what Janice and Dianne and Helene are doing.

Got a call last night from Marlene, she needs help with the cutting as her wrists arenít good so she will come today and Iíll cut her quilt out.

Donít know how much Iíll get done today as I have shopping for supplies I need for my boys workday Saturday, love it when they get my to do list done, then a visit to the hospital to see a friend.

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(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Lots of projects getting done.

I am still fighting this crud. Hopefully the meds will kick in soon.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

I'm still mostly hiding out to avoid the flu. Other than that cutting & sewing blocks for more QOVs. I like to cut lots at a time, make all the blocks and then I can sew several tops together at once.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Janice said she and her hubby had it since Christmas lindakay and last night she felt it coming on again so lots of rest for you.

Might go look for a mask, am sure Iíve a box of them somewhere, want to visit Lois in the hospital this aft but worry about the germs.

Smart think staying in Karen, catching that virus would be dangerous for you.

Had company all day, tired out, got all of Marleneís quilt cut out, got her to do a few block and now all she has to do is sew each packet together.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I'm taking Ben to specialist this afternoon. Need to round up a book to kill time. This MD is famous for LONG waits.

Victoria Harbour, ON

How did Ben make out Pat?


Pat - I would guess you're home from the Dr visit now. How'd it go?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I took Ben to see Specialist Dr. Chua again today. End result: STOP all antibiotics, seriously reduced salt and calorie, no more silverdine ointment, a petroleum ointment only, rewrap with compression EVERY day at the ACU ambulatory care unit of the hospital and take temperature 3 x a day. If he starts fever or feels crummy, go straight to hospital. Chua also giving referral to bariatric surgery as well... (I don't think he is good candidate with his heart etc)

I'm glad they are doing SOMETHING different cuz this sure wasn't working! My FMLA (family medical leave act) ran out and Chua would not fill it out or sign, said ONLY PCP does that. We have PCP Primary Care Physician Dr. Cain apt on Monday so we'll address that then.

Today I am doing OK. NOT so good on Monday but have much better outlook today. I think in part it's because I realize that I will have FMLA and heaven knows my employment does not WANT to lose me, so worse comes to worse, I'll take some time off as it's needed. They will just have to suck it up. Three new hires were to start today. One didn't show up or call... guess we're gonna need another Timmy!

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Happy Birthday dear Betty.

Oh Pat, I'm sure hoping this will be a better treatment plan for Ben. It has to be so very frustrating when they just keep doing what isn't working.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning, so far snow missed us, happy about that..

Pat hope this doc has the answers and that you are less overworked with new employees, will take a tad of time for them to learn ropes but then easier for you!

Thanks for birthday wishes..

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♫♪Happy Birthday, Betty!♪♫ Hope you did everything you wanted to, today

Pat - glad you're feeling well enough to have a better outlook :-)
Glad that things will be easier (albeit more time) for you, with Ben. You take his temperature, I presume?

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Nah, Ben can take his own temperature. He showed me today that he CAN get himself in & out of the truck, load and unload the wheelchair himself if need be. He kept saying he could but I didn't want to find out he could NOT the hard way. I went with him to the hospital but I just observed and served as spotter.

Betty, Happy Birthday! I know the BEST gift will be your family giving you a work day. THAT would be my idea of wonderful too!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, sunshine day here, cold 31with a high of 34..

Thank you all again for birthday wishes, means a lot to me..

It was a day of talk, tal,talk, many callers with well wishes. I did spend the day alone and hip paining so got comfy in bed around 5, did sleep till well after 10 but was able to get pain under control. Besides the pain had another issue that took the wind out of my sails, Ann called to say she was picking up Chinese after her appo8ntment with specialist, she needed to be in Barrie for update on her tests that were being ripen, she hasnít been feeling tip top sir nearly a year and theyíve been looking for what is the problem, well after her appointment she called and said she wouldnít be coming over, they found something on her lungs..was was feelingbadly so would come over..about 7i called her, phone rang and rang then she answered, knew she needed time on her own to digest things, we chatted, let her know Iím here so felt a tad better after that but am worried about her.

Just finishing my coffee and the boys will be here for the day and out for supper this evening, I will try my best to just have them order something in rather than go out.

Know I will enjoy the day, all those little things that say ĎI need fixingí will be done, oh happy days.

Glad pat that Ben could manage if need be to get into the vehicle, surprised you but likely surprised him as well.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Did get lovely flowers and USA $$$

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Your flowers are beautiful... $$$ mean road trip to US to spend $$$!!!

Did not surprise Ben, he kept telling he could do it. But it has been several months since he had done it, he has been sick. I just didn't want him to try it and find out he could NOT. THAT would NOT be good.

Maryville, TN(Zone 7a)

Pat sounds like Ben is getting a bit better and stronger, hoping so for both of you.

Betty birthday money...yay...Pat's right, road trip and shopping soon?


Congrats to Ben for proving he Can do it. You must be feeling very good about it.

Betty - SO nice that you had such a good day. Sorry your hip was paining you.
Also sorry to hear that Ann's not doing well - She's got a good friend in you.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Yes Karen/Pat Iíve scheduled March 24th as a stateside joanns shopping weekend with a few friends providing of course weather cooperates..

Tired out this morning from all of yesterdayís celebration, not that I did anything, boys did it all but supervising takes energy.

Already working on motherís day to do list 😜

Finishing my coffee then will see if Iíve enough fabric left over to take the wedding quilt off the frame that Ziggy snagged and rather than makeshift repair Iíll replace that 18Ēblock, will take a bit to do it but am sure I can.

Boys readjusted the quilting frame, was off a bit so anxious now to try those quilting sure Iíve scrap fabric I can play with..also want to get back to the embroidery machine, have some thoughts about having it embroidery cross stitch Victorian Santaís so I can make it into a Christmas throw.

While going through my finished quilts I realized I have quite a few finished ones, few more and Iíll have one for everyone in the family at Christmas..hung quilts out on the ladder I made, Melanie was here, really wants a ladder for her quilts, her birthday is in May so will make her one..put that on my list of materials needed.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Did inventory this morning on what fabrics/batting I needed, we had planned going stateside onthe 24, needed to spend my usa $$$, called the girls who were going with me..big sigh

Discussion on steel issues that really affect Canadian market, especially Hamilton which is just across the border from USA, ALL decided we had best shop Canadian, even if it costs us a bit so we will go on a weekend trip not far from where we cross the border where there are quite a few fabric shops in the area and spend our $$$ guess I will take USA funds to bank tomorrow and have them converted to canadian!!

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I have to smile when I read your posts Betty. Someone is always "shopping" at your house for the next project they want done!

I have to finish emptying the living room today and get us moved to the Guesthouse Suites by evening. Contractor starts on the floor on Monday.

I have a rather large collection of wicker picnic baskets that have to find a new temporary home while the living room floor gets refinished. I have been trying to clear the room in such a way that we can still function for a week or two AFTER the floor is done and not go crazy. Finding places for 2 recliners, hide abed, buffet, huge dresser and miscellaneous and NOT have it in the way is a bit of a challenge!

I really want to paint while my living room is empty. I know I'm crazy to take on that project during this time when I've had so much going on with Ben... but... I have wanted to repaint and get the new curtain rods up, new curtains, really? What better time would there be? The living room will be empty! The contractor will wait for several days before the floor can have the furniture moved back in so, for those reasons, it's 'prefect timing".

To add to the craziness I want to customize the curtains before they are hung. Sure why not add MORE projects when I can't seem to get the important things done? Maybe I can take the curtains and fabric with me to the hotel and at least get it cut. I don't want to lug my sewing machine when it always takes SOOOOOO much stuff to take Ben anywhere!

My sister is in the middle of having her house painted and new flooring put down, all of her sewing machines are packed up and put away. Otherwise I would plan to slip over to her house during the week to get a few steps done on the curtains. We don't normally both tackle big projects at the same time.

You likely won't hear from me while we are in the hotel.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lordy, sure tired after reading your post..

Know as soon as you upgrade one thing you want to keep on with a zillion other projects. Yep now is the time for painting although inconvenient..curtains do make a difference, I made new ones when I painted the spare room, good luck on your projects, am sure it will be beautiful when done.

I cut out all the patter patter for my Ďwinter birdsí hanging, just went through craft room and canít find them..Drats they canít be far, wanted to play cut outs after I wash the floors, how do things go missing when you are the only one using the room??

This is where we will go fabric shopping..has a marketplace, shops galore, great restaurants..looking forward to it now that weíve made the decision no more joanns..

Likely Iíll be asked to changedakota summer trip to somewhere in Canada,mthat will take some planning but doable.

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(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

I kept adjusting the map until I had a better perspective of where Jacob's is, I'm stunned that it is further South than I am!
No more JoAnns?

Victoria Harbour, ON

Concensous is no Pat, like you there is a movement to ĎShop and Travel Canadaí

Been in St Jacobs years ago, itís a Mennonite community, lot sell from homemade items from their homes

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Pat - I know that working with something constructive is calming, so painting & sewing will give you a definite "boost". Tough to figure out when to fit it in with all you have on your plate though!!! *Gentle Hugs*
Heading off to church with the neighbour that just lost her DH in January - cya ladies later!!

(Linda Kay) Del Rio, TX(Zone 9a)

Betty, that looks like a beautiful place. It is not that far, just in case you have to cross the border.

Pat, good luck on your new floor and all the other projects you have going.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Almost same distance as Lewiston..looking forward to it!

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Off we go...


A project from about 4 years ago - cut the pieces on brown Kraft paper, and have now ironed them and laid it out. It's a banner for our church here. It was meant for another, but we've moved now.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Lovely Susan..I bought 2 rolls of the stained glass lead in fabric, bought it for a Christmas piece and have yet to use it.

I attached the magnifying glass for my new machine, greg picked it up, I wanted to payfor but told no...

So now I have the quilting extension table, quilting hoops, magnifying glass (comes with 3 strengths) interchangeable.

The attached ruler for whatever width I want

All set, now just to feel up to sewing lol

Did take thewedding quilt off the frame and will replacetheblock Ziggy clawed

Think that is first onmy agenda

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Nice machine, Betty! I'll be by shortly, to borrow it lol!!

I'm currently trying to find fabric to cut out for the top of the dove picture. I'll cut it using the paper templates and then I'll need to find a base to stitch it on. Then I'll need to get out the black binding to use as "leading". This is going to take a few days to get this all together. Then when I have the pieces stitched to a base, I'll need to get a backing for it all and the picture I showed has to be trimmed with black as well. Can't remember how I finished the cross I did previously, but as it's not really a "companion" piece, it won't matter so much if they don't match up. Cross is in another Church.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Church will love it
The adhesive fabric tape is so much to work with..


it's not adhesive - I'll spray glue down the main pieces, and sew down the fabric bias "tape" over the edges. It's not tape, but I don't know what else to call it.

Victoria Harbour, ON

What I use is a thin roll of fabric that has an iron on backing susan.


When I do another one, I should look that up. I'll use what I have on hand for now (that's the Scot in me - too cheap Not to use what I have lol)

New York, United States

Hii, guys can anyone suggest me which Sewing Machine to buy for embroidery from here

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