What plants are these? HELP

San Diego, CA

I recently was gifted these two plants and am not sure what they are. Can anyone identify them & give a basic rundown on how to care for them? Thank you!

Thumbnail by meganc27 Thumbnail by meganc27 Thumbnail by meganc27
San Diego, CA

The plant in the first picture looks like a Dieffenbachia "dumb cane" plant. I've never had one myself, but here's an article on how to care for them. https://plantcaretoday.com/dieffenbachia-plant-care.html

I'm not sure about the second plant. The leaves remind me of a bamboo plant. Maybe a bamboo palm?

San Diego, CA

Thanks @dee20181 !
Yeah, I think the bamboo one is a parlor palm or neathe bella.

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