Blackspot and mycelium

(Maggie) Jacksonvill, FL(Zone 9a)

My bamboo have blackspot- see second pic- which I planned to treat w copper fungicide. They also appear to have some kind of mite- see third pic- which I planned on treating w Bayer Tree & Shrub granules. While removing contaminated mulch, I found many roots "coated" w mycelium- see first pic. Is there any way to kill the blackspot without harming the mycelium?
Since last summer I've found quite a few culms that simply dry-rotted in place and never grew beyond 4 inches. I had mulched heavily (3") because the roots of the bamboo were so exposed- basically spreading on top of the ground. I assume the bamboo also have deep roots because they made it through Irma w nothing more than a few broken stalks. Last question, is it ok to strip collars from bottom of stalks? They seem to be a reservoir for bugs and mildew?/blackspot- see third pic.
Thanks for your help.

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