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I have seen some threads from beginner gardeners that have inquired to the forum about planting by moon signs. They were answered with links that skeptical and marginalized this ancient technique. Well I would like to say that I am a small commercial organic herb grower and have been for some over 20 years. A decade ago I started paying attention to the moon signs when propagating, transplanting and Green house care my yearly production quickly tripled with some of the finest and healthiest herb plants available in my area. My customers come back year after year to get their herb garden starts from me and I supply them with lunar calender's when to transplant and harvest to keep the herb on the cycle that I started them on. They tell me they never had herbs grow so healthy and tasty. I experiment every year to find the best lunar phase and sign to plant each plant. Below you can see this years results. Last year my tomato plants produced many very large fruit the picture below shows one of eight that I got off of one of my 6 Big beef plants that produced all large tomato up to frost no late blight on any of the plants they lived to Halloween. The 3 plants that I planted out of phase produced much smaller fruit and all died mid September half to 2/3rds the size of my Lunar cycled plants.
This years planting by moon sign experiment. Left Basil sowed Jan 10 under Scorpio with waning Crescent moon. Plant on right sowed 4 days earlier Jan 6th under Virgo with a waning gibbous moon. Same seeds same soil same propagating circumstances Picture was taken Feb 9th. This is why I plant by the moon signs for all the skeptics out there. . Picture 3 is my small hoop house that I converted to a nursery the photo was taken yesterday the herbs were planted Jan 16th. Picture 4 Last years Zucchini "Serpent of Sicily" Planted by moon sign. Pic.5 3.5 lbs of meet from one Serpent Zucchini a bowl of skin for compost and a bunch of seeds for this years planting.

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I had been wondering about planting by the moon. DH tries to wean calves by the moon too, as they don't beller for their mama's as much if you wean them by the moon.
Do you know where I could get a list of when to plant? I also wonder about planting garlic in the fall. I haven't had much luck in the last couple of years with garlic, but the first year that I planted it, I must have hit the right phase of the moon as I had loads of garlic.
I need to follow more closely. My dad was a big follower but you know how it is, when you are young, you just don't pay attention!!

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Well my grandma doing that and gets well results too. So I think there's no reason to be skeptical about it.

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That's so cool, what's your personal explanation as to how the moon helps?

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