Gophers got to Go!

Atascadero, CA

We just moved into the central coast of California. We planted our half acre with some great native plants. Then it happened, the deer just walked in and ate and chewed. Put a deer fence up and driveway gate now we are deer proof. Then the gophers moved in to eat roots and drink our drip irrigation. Tthe irrigation has a 1 gallon tank to add plant food for direct drip feeding. I called Rain Bird about there tubing and emitters to see if I can dispense gopher repellent through the system. They said nothing but water should ever go through the tubing. Need some help this idea is great but I cannot find anything out if this will work?
I do not want to destroy the hundreds of feet of is covered in mulch also.

hollister, CA(Zone 9a)

Welcome to the central coast! I have lived here for 5 years and have we have tried everything and have found that NOTHING WORKS to rid your property of these furry 4 legged pest! I have never seen anything damage property to the extent of gophers! We have 5 acres and gophers have destroyed our lawn, landscaping, pool plumbing, irrigation, etc..... You just have the damage repaired and move on to the next one. Nothing is gopher proof no matter what they sell you. It might be for a while but it won't be gopher proof for long. If they want it they will get it. Good luck to you living with our little furry treasures. lol

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