Spring is here, please tell the weather

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Yes I live in Florida but it is still unseasonably cold. 46 degrees yes I know that for most of you that is not cold but to us that is DARD COLD!!!!
BUT my birds are not only nesting some already have babies.
Carolina Chickadee, Carolina Wrens, Tufted Titmouse and Cardinals are feeding babies. I am putting out meal worms so I can tell who has babies.

This year has been slim on the usual winter birds. Have seen only 2 robins, no Goldfinches. But have had a couple first timers. A Hermit Thrust Has been here a couple months and a Orchard Oriole female who may be nesting here.
There has been more Yellow-rumps at the feeders this year.
There was also a few that I have not Ided yet.

Need to order more mealworms, all the freezes have killed off most of the bugs but not those dard skeeters.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Hermit Thrush still here, just had itís breakfast of mealworms. I put a plastic tray on the ground for it. Just came back for seconds. I am sitting about 20 feet away in plan sight.
One robin in the next yard. Make that 2.
To cold to sit out here longer.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Weather is still strange but but it looks like the cardinals have raised at least one offspring. Was just watching 3 cardinals at the feeder one male and 2 others that where colored like a female and maybe a young male. This time of the year you would not see 3 of them peacefully at the feeders, plus the younger looking one clearly was not sure a bout the feeders.

Also saw 2 Chipping Sparrows.

Weather is still flopping around.

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