SOLVED: Rehash of an old mystery plant

Yankton, SD

This might be a tough one. I have tried many times in different stages of the plant to get an ID and every place I tried came up empty handed. I got the seeds while doing some experiments by purchasing seeds from Aliexpress so the seeds came from China. They were supposed to be clematis, but came and were small and perfect spheres, dull black in color and slighting rough. They looked a lot like the poppy seeds you cook with.

Not knowing what they were I tested some in soil and the never grew, I cold moist stratified some and when I pulled them out after 30 days they were growing in the fridge. That was last July or early August and the seedlings did well for a while but seemed to die off with the smallest amount of over watering. I managed to just get two plants by the time fall came and I brought them in and had them under grow lights all winter.

As you can see they have a weird segmented long growth but no climbing parts like a vine. Recently one started getting buds and finally today a bloom!! I hope you can help, thank you. One last note, while they were outside they were in full afternoon sun. I think it might be in the campion family but I just do not know enough to find the plant.

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Gypsophila species davurica, may be


Yankton, SD

One of the Facebook groups finally figured it out. Vaccaria hispanica, common names include ciwherb and cow soapwort.

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