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How to care for & save a Mini Rose

Kitchener, Canada

I was given this Mini Rose in January for my Birthday and I would like to transplant it to my garden in April to allow it to grow outside.
How can I save it?
Please see January pictures and now pictures. I took care of it as was indicated on the plant.

Thumbnail by hburry Thumbnail by hburry
San Diego, CA

Hey - I would suggest cutting off the blackened parts of the stem and removing the dead leaves on the soil. Don't worry that you're cutting off all the leaves - I did this for one of my roses and it'll just regrow new, good growth when it's ready. I'm not sure why your rose is sick. Maybe check to see if you are overwatering it? Let the top centimeter or so of the soil dry out between waterings. Good luck!

Sherman Oaks, CA

I would place them in a location where there's a good mix of sun and shade.

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