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Garden / Landscape design

Sabattus, ME

I am looking to redesign the garden and move forward with landscaping my lot. I am not very good with planning without seeing :) Any suggestions for an online tool or site that could help? Any ideas for zone 5 perennials, bushes etc., that would be low maintenance and colorful - the magic combo? Thank you

I am in zone 5 and have full sun for most areas, partial and shade in a few spots. Some areas I am having trouble with is the circle garden on the corner of my home and the area around a lantern that is rocky/ledge.

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Lynnwood, WA

Design software is usually expensive and likely excessive for this process. Visiting gardens and nurseries, talk to your extension service perhaps YouTube videos, Pinterest, start putting a list of plants that you like together, very their needed conditions and group the accordingly ( ie shady, sunny, etc) do some sketches to get a feeling or when in doubt hire a garden designer good luck

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Sabattus, ME

Thank you, I am looking for any suggestions. Love the mexican blanket flowers, they did great this year! Need to find some other perennials that will go well with these.

Curious now if instead of planting perennials in the front bed, if I should plant some bushes as well that could be low maintenance

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