Could Virginia Bluebells grow in Northern California?

Sonoma, CA

We fell in love with them at Monticello last week. I just want to plant a few. Am I delusional? :) We live in Northern California, Wine Country, at the base of foothills. The bed is against the lattice work by a deck and is shaded, though bright shade, by the deck, wisteria, and a nearby large deodar cedar. We do freeze here, though it doesn't sound like it minds that. We do get hot too, although since the plants would be dormant in the summer, would that be a deal-breaker? We are Zone 9. We have gardened many years and are good at plant care. The nursery I emailed didn't say they couldn't grow here; she just said to stick to our own native plants. Like Thomas Jefferson did, right? Any advice welcome. If they can't survive here, it would at least help me to know why. Thank you! Leslie

Phoenix, AZ

You're not delusional! Almost *anything* can be grown in Nor Cal, including Virginia Bluebells. I envy your climate- I am an ex-Californian & I sure miss the beautiful home gardens, especially what can be grown in Silicon Valley (and yours too) I would invest in rhizomes & not seed, as the seed requires a rather tedious stratification process which consists of :"Seeds require a period of cold, moist weather" (if seeds only option- plant in winter I guess) they like shaded or semi-shaded areas- what one would find in a forest situation, if in sun they require a lot more water. Rich soil, and not too alkaline water you should be fine. Be warned they do multiply via underground runners so set aside a wild-ish area for them.

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