Buying a hydraulic lift table to maintain walled garden

Toronto, Canada

I have a walled garden on one side of the house. The house is two stories and we've done it in a way that I get one plain wall for the garden. The initial setup was done with some outside help and I am finding it difficult maintain. Mostly because of the height. So last day I was in a store and saw people using hydraulic lifts to get things from the top. So I thought it will be cool to have one at home. So I've been searching for companies who sell this and I've just found one. And I still don't know how much will it cost. So there are two things I want to ask. Will the cost of a hydraulic lift table? (like this one ) And will it really be useful at a house?

Kensington, NY

Wow, most of those are just.....massive. The pharmaceutical one looks a little more home- sized! Did you ever find out about the cost?

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