SOLVED: Looking for Name

Whanagrei, New Zealand

Hi there, can anybody help to identify this plant??
Thanks for your help:)

Thumbnail by Koru2 Thumbnail by Koru2
Lynnwood, WA

Hello there it looks like you may have a rehmannia of some sort at least that is where I would start

Northern California, CA(Zone 9b)

I cheated using the name Rehmannia that Handroanthus gave. Rehmannia henryi

Lynnwood, WA

Good call Kell I used to grow r. glutinosa in a Chinese herb collection. fun plant and nice features

Whanagrei, New Zealand

Hi everyone thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate your help. Iím now quite sure it must be a Rehmannia but I donít think it is the henry. If you look at the 1 picture you can see it forms a perfect rosette which lays always, completely flat on the ground and the flowers have no stalk to speak of. Could id be some kind of cross?? I have several plant in different location and soils and they all behave the same. HmmmÖ a tricky one

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