P. Aureo Sulcata

Holland, MA(Zone 5a)

Iím in the process of mowing down my bamboo grove. I have numerous bamboo culms that I have cut down and I am digging them up. I am going to do 3 large trades via first class mail. In a 8x8x8 box. What ever I can cram in there will ship. These will be fresh roots with cut canes. Not an actual plant. This last winter we had with the 3 weeks of -13 below freezing really gave these a wallop. The roots are live and well and they have not shot up their new growth yet and I want to get them out before that happens. So if any one has any of the items Iím looking for on my wish list I will give them priority first. Iím hoping since Iím going to be as generous as I can you will do the same by sending hlarger healthy plants that have been packaged correctly ;). If interested, please let me know. Picture was taken last summer

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