Loganville, GA

We live a little east of Atlanta. We drug out some garden tools and tiller from a corner of our garage and found this giant pile of dirt. As I was raking out the flower bed on the opposite side of that wall, I found another large mound. I broke it up with the rake a bit and did not see any bugs or signs of life inside the outside mound. I saw one bug run when I did the same thing to the inside mound. I tried to get the best picture I could. I have seen a few carpenter ants outside in the back deck, so I was curious if this is their nest or if it might be termites? We have a termite bond and a pest control plan, but didn't want to call them out if this is not a big deal.

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Minot, ND

I doubt that either termites or ants would be responsible for the dirt pile(s); I would suspect a larger burrowing animal. The insect you photographed might be an earwig, but I cannot see enough detail to be certain.

New York City, NY

I think the same. It might be a mole or a groundhog. However, you still need to get rid of those termites. I read here https://pestcontrolhacks.com/get-rid-of-termites/ that boric acid is great repellent, apply it to wooden surfaces and spread around your house. Never tried it, but think it might work.

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