Northern Parula on my finger

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I heard a thump went out and found him laying on the ground. Gently picked him up and placed on a chair. Went in get some water and my camera.
As he showed signs of recovering I gentle picked him up and took him out into the yard.
He stayed on my finger for almost 5 minutes. Was so relaxed he groomed his self.
Later he left my finger and went into my Beauty Berry bush.
Will post more pictures as I edit time

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Here is a few more pictures. The first is shortly after he hit the window and has not stood up. In the second he is still a little bit shocky but standing up.

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Florence, MS(Zone 8b)

I am glad he is okay.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I was to. I having a problem with a cat in my yard. So I was not going to put him in a bush or tree until he was ready to fly.
The thing that made this very special was he was not afraid of me. He groomed his feathers and looked away from me a couple of times. After he took off into the bush he stopped and looked back at me.
This is the third time a bird trusted me. The first time was a number of years ago, I was sitting outside working on my laptop, the mealworm bowl was empty, after a Caroline Wren checked the bowl it fly over and landed on the upper edge of the laptop and looked me in the eye. And yes I get up and get it more worms. The second time I was sitting out there again, felt something on my pant leg looked down and there was the Wren hopping up my leg. Held out a small bowl with mealworm and it fly up, landed on my thumb and eat some worms.

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