SOLVED: Unknown sapling

Gretna, NE

found in Kansas City, KS area.

Thumbnail by Emily09 Thumbnail by Emily09 Thumbnail by Emily09
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

#1 picture is different from #2 & #3.

#2 and #3 are the devilish invasive exotic species Pyrus calleryana - Callery Pear.

Not sure what #1 is, as the picture doesn't offer a lot of information with just a few malformed leaves, though it does show us dentate leaf margins. Show us more of that plant, like branches, stems, trunk, leaves that are whole, etc.

It is always good to show the whole plant first, and then progressively more detailed images of component parts of the plant.

Franklin Park, NJ

Agreed, you have two different trees there. Pic #1 might be a hawthorne of some kind. Agree on pics 2 &3. Sadly this horrid tree has taken over acres of open fields (and not so open) here in N.J. .Not at all desirable. And yet landscapers still keep planting it!

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