Flood-tolerant trees

Hazard, KY

Hi, I'm going to be adding trees and shrubs along a riverbank plane next season, in order to control erosion. I'd like to know which species I can choose from. The land undergoes flooding in late winter/early spring, at least once and, typically, two or three times during that span. Flooding is quite extensive and rises up to the top of the slope above the plane, where I have trees and a garden out of danger. So, I'm wondering whether it would be wise to plant anything down there to shore up the bank and, if so, what?


Lynnwood, WA

You may consider populus heterophylla or populus grandidentata

Richmond, TX

Cottonwood, willows, and Boxelder all grow on our riverbank.

Franklin Park, NJ

Bald cypress (Taxodium), tupelo (Nyssa), River Birch (Betula nigra) , swamp magnolia/sweet bay, swamp or red maple (Acer rubrum) are much better options for your area, just to name a few. The others mentioned can be weedy, weak wooded and not particularly attractive. Ok if you can't grow anything else but you live in KY with a climate conducive to growing a variety of different species. Keep in mind however nothing will survive heavy repetitive flooding for weeks on end every year. That may be the reason why nothing is growing there now.

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Richmond, TX

The trees I mentioned will survive being submerged for weeks annually - their main virtue.

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