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Gardening Noob Needs Morning Glory Advise

Lancashire, United Kingdom

Hi there,

New to these forums and to gardening and I thought this would be a great place to do research and get some advice so here I am =D

So I don't live at my own house at the mo, so I can't go digging up the garden so I have begun gardening by buying a cheap unheated seed propagator, two plastic planters, miracle grow multi-purpose compost and some various tools.

Decided that I want to grow peas and morning glories and I bought rosemary seeds on the fly.

About two weeks have passed now and my peas are still small and in the seed tray, have multiple leaves and them little tendril things on the top, they are making me very happy to see them all germinate and grow so healthy.

The rosemary have sprouted quicker than I expected and are just tiny little seedling rising out of the soil - again, happy about that.

The morning glories (to my shock) germinated within 2 days, are bigger than the peas, and have their first two leaves and so I transplanted them outside into the planter, and it's been quite sunny here during the day.

My question is (sorry for the tangent, just wanted to get some background in), the glories seem to be bending over, I don't know if it's to follow the sun, if it's wilting or if that's just morning glory behavior, is it normal for them to start bending or are they dying?

(I'm aware some have damaged leaves, these are the ones at first I did not transplant and left in the seed tray, the day after they wilted quickly, I suspect I may have over watered them, I just planted them after a couple of days)

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