Lily Bulbs Planted in the Fall - Some are sprouting and some are not

Newton, NH

I live in New Hampshire - Southern Part
I planted about 40 Lily Bulbs around my yard in different locations last fall - some get more sun than others. All were planted with good soil but some were planted in a crushed stone garden and those are the only ones that have not come up yet. They are literally 10-15 feet away from some other bulbs that are coming up no problem.
They might get a little less sun but its been a couple of weeks since the others started and nothing has come through the surface. I did dig down in one spot and found some growth the other day. But dug down in a different spot today and didnt find anything. It was a quick peak so it could be that i didnt go far enough down or in the exact right spot ...

My question is. Would the fact that they are buried under loose crushed stone delay the sprouting?

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