SOLVED: Trifoliolate mystery plant

Ann Arbor, MI

Hi, experts (I'm not!). In southeast Michigan. What is this trifoliolate leaved plant? Hairy petiole. Growing up in a sunny but fairly well-watered area along with a lot of young maples (and weeds like dandelion, wild carrot, and similar plants). Spreading. Tallest plants so far are 10-12 inches high. Yard has not been maintained & while I will carefully clear all problem plants, there are some good volunteers (like some geraniums, yay!) and donít want to take this out if itís useful and non-toxic.

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Bretten, Germany

Geum? Yellow flowers?

Ann Arbor, MI

What a great call! No idea yet about flowers--too early. But this image seems to back your guess (and there is purple staining on the stem near the ground):

I assumed it was wild/weed since the leaves vary so much. I thought there was a different plant growing very closely, no, as this pic shows. Plants are wonderfully weird sometimes...I'll wait til it blooms/seeds to be sure. Glad to think it's a non-toxic native plant!

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