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Gardening Tips!!!

Chandigarh, India

I put together some tips on keeping your grow space tight and clean! I can't stress the importance of a clean grow space enough

Wash your hands before you go in to your garden and even between crops, especially if one your plants appears sickly or diseased, or stressed

Remove all dead leaves and excess plant matter, Tidy up scattered plant material and spilled nutrients. Pests and diseases thrive on decaying plant matter.

Remove any dead or dying plants from you growing space. To ensure no mold or fungus that can thrive off of any excess plant matter that you may throw their way!

Keep a separate set of hand tools specifically for your garden Keep these tools in the grow room and do not use them on houseplants or outside plants. Pests and disease ride from plant to plant on dirty tools.

Disinfect tools by dipping often in isopropyl alcohol or 10% bleach/water solution. And also keep,your personal grow tools to your grow room don't switch back and forth.

Keep the humidity at the low end--- 50-60% if possible. And keep it cool, 75 is best.

Always make sure you have Proper ventilation and air movement to prevent mold and other fungus.

Do not "over-water". Over watered mediums helps promote mold, mildew and algae formation.

Add your tips bellow!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I had this healthy cactus at my home and I wish to share with here the health tips on how to care these types of cactus plant

Choose a sunny location. ...
Water the cactus weekly during growing season. ...
Fertilize the plant weekly during the growing season. ...
Provide plenty of circulation. ...
Rotate the pot monthly. ...
Repot the cactus annually. ...
Encourage the cactus to enter dormancy in winter.

Make sure to plant th cactus only in aurora Pots

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