'Anyone grow Saxifraga/Rockfoil?

Mason, MI

I'm just curious...
Does anyone here grow Saxifraga/Rockfoil?
I saw it on a gardening show, and it sounded
wonderful for my site. I had never heard of it before.
Can anyone tell me its growing/blooming habits?
Melissa :-)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)


We have some Saxifargas... we bought them last summer, they were so cheap and beautiful (5 FIM/1)

It doesn't need extra care, just have to watch out it won't dry- We grow them between stones :)

You have both peaked my interest and hope to hear more on this plant' Personally alpines are becoming my newest "quest" in gardening and excited to learn as much as possible for successful growing'
Evert I grow my semps in rocks,so pretty' Also keep bringing in more interesting stones as they hold the heat in winter to help my plants'
Plus another bonus with stones, is when I plant a new container,I lift the stones and harvest the worms and put them in to help aeriate/feed':)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

There are lots of saxifarga species... I think here is some native also. what are semps, and aeriate? =)

Hi Evert,I'm sorry,I tend to abbreviate frequently' Semps=sempervivums'

Aerate=provide air as when the worms work their way through the soil,they are providing airways within the soil'
They're moving the soil and nourishing it as they go'
Their castings provide food for the plants'

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Mason, MI

Thanks for the information, Evert & Sis.
Now to find some saxifraga/Rockfoil seeds!
The type that was profiled on the
gardening show (that I saw recently)
were a white flowering variety.
They were really sweet! :-)

I haven't the foggiest Melissa probably online but I'm chicken to order that way,lol' Hey Evert where might we purchase these beauties,HELP???????????:D How do YOU grow them????????:D

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

sis, I have no idea about your nurseries... But i bought them from Vantaa, Backas Puutarha if you want buy them from here, hehehe.

How do I grow them? hmm.... I don't do anything special for them. :)

Well now, if it's that easy,that's the plant for me,lol':)

Mason, MI

Hey Sis!
I found this information while looking for Saxifraga
online: http://pss.uvm.edu/pss123/persaxif.html
Check it out...
It says that Rockfoil takes a while to bloom
from seeds, but I'm still going to give it a try.
I've found a couple of small nurseries (online)
that carry it, and I think I'll do a DG's search
to see if anyone has seeds to trade here.
Melissa :-)

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Ours look like just the same as in the photo.. the other one is white, and looks same also.

BEWARE MELISSA' One of the other forums says they're getting problems with "CREDIT CARD FRAUD" I read it this week but don't remember where,thought you'd like to know'
Thanks for the link have to check it out in a minute'

Evert are you playing hookie today or have a laptop,lol??

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Sis, it's our Independence day.... =)

OK,that's right,I'm having moments of"sometimers today",lol':)

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Sorry I'm late on this -I have some seeds for my deep red saxifraga. I haven't tried growing any yet, but will this year and i have a few to trade if anyone is interested. I love my little plant - it's betwwn some of the rocks in the rock wall and is very neat and well behaved. If I can find the picture, I'll post it and add the hyperlink here.

Mason, MI

You've got mail. :-)

Mason, MI

Hey Kathleen!
I'm having problems sending out your email from here...
I'd love some of your Saxifraga seeds!
Would you take a look at my Trade List
to see if there's anything there that you could use?
Melissa :-)

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