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DIY - creating a self-watering enclosure - looking for solar powered or re-chargeable pump?

Niagara Falls, NY

I want to create something similar to this :

I have an old enclosure like this, without the plastic covering :

1) I am going to buy some mesh fabric to cover it (ideas?)
2) I am going to build two wooden beds with holes in the bottom to plant my veggies (one on each tier). I have this taken care of.

So across the top, under the mesh, I want to install a pieces of pvc tubing (or otherwise) with holes in it that will spray the veggies underneath. I am going to also have a drip container (that holds the water) underneath the entire assembly to catch excess water and runoff. This is where I want the pump to go to recycle the water back up and spray the plants.

So my question : is there a small pump I can buy that is either solar or battery operated (12 v or 6 v) that will be able to pump water up 40 inches or so with enough power to have it spray out of the holes in the pvc piping? I would prefer not to use DC power, but I will put it on a timer if necessary.

Thanks in advance, I am really looking forward to this project.

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