Oxalis triangularis propagation question

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

This is a propagation question because I'm hoping to get a decent-sized planting out of a finite amount of plant material.

So, I was given some Oxalis triangularis, no pot, no dirt. She just dug it out of her garden, set it aside in some water, and passed it along to me. I don't mind being given this gorgeous plant... But I've got some questions.

The tuber is kind of unique. There's a couple of pieces of this one that aren't attached to anything, I think they probably broke off in the digging. If I broke those up further and potted each piece, would those little scale-like pieces each grow into a new plant, or would the whole thing just rot?

Will this plant set any amount of seed, and if so, will it grow true? If I can just plant the one I have and wait around until planting time to get more, that could work out, I suppose...

Is dormancy important for this plant to flourish and produce more tubers, as with some other tender perennials (I'm looking at you, dahlias)?

How quickly could I reasonably expect new tubers to form on my main plant, and in what quantity?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

This does not answer all your questions , but the information seems good


Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks, juhur7. That site looks well put together, and does indeed have a fair amount of information. I'll keep looking for answers to a few of my questions, but that did it for a lot of them.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Quote from winkybil :
Propagated my oxalis triangularis for the first time, fingers crossed that I did it right!

Hope it goes well

Fort Worth, TX

Those are gorgeous. i can't keep one alive, don't water enough I suspect, but they are beautiful

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