Trying to ID a Dahlia

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

This dahlia is very much not what I thought it was. Many of mine became mixed up over this last winter because of, you know, actual winter. Having never needed to lift my tubers before except to divide them, I followed my usual procedure and left them all in the ground. Won't be doing that again. I lost about ninety percent of my plants to a foot-deep snow and completely lost track of which ones were where because everything shifted around with the melt afterward.

I do at least recognize it by sight, but I haven't exactly thought much about what all my varieties were in years. I know I have a bunch of a beautiful peachy-orangey dinner plate, another in solid yellow, and this one. Whatever this one is. I had a thought that it could be 'Baby Red'...? Any thoughts?

P.S. When I see blooms on the other two that I'm sure I managed to save, I'm probably going to be asking about those as well.

Thumbnail by SummerStorm93
(Zone 9b)

Oh that is so sad that you lost so many.

It looks like the 5th one down.
Dahlia 'Stella'

The picture here looks more pink but the color is a definite red like yours.

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Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Thanks, Kell. That might be it. The plant is flowering while it's still really short, so unless it decides to keep getting taller after it starts putting out blooms (doubtful) it's a pretty safe bet. I won't trade it, just because I can't verify the variety, but I'll keep it labeled as possibly being that one.

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