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Iím very frustrated. I used a miracle grow drip system last summer in a raised bed. Worked great for my veggies. I have another bed and wanted to do same. Had the hose but needed some of the fittings. Didnít realize itís a ďspecialĒ size (3/8 inch). Home Depot doesnít carry them in store so I ordered online. Itís turned into one of those projects where there is always one piece missing. :( Today I thought I had everything but found Iím short one male element. Itís the one that closes off the end of the tube. Went to HD websiteó no longer in stock.

Does anyone have a clever way to seal off the end of a soaker hose? Saw a suggestion elsewhere to kink it and close with a cable tie. Sounds iffy to me. Any ideas? Iím desperate to be done with this little project and move on to other stuff!!!

Picture shows hose and male end piece I cannot get my hands on.

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Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Use a bolt that fits fairly tight in the hose, then put a screw clamp on it. Should work.
We use T-Tape drip system. Very simple to use & cheep.

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