Bamboo going to seed

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

My pleioblastus fortunei (dwarf white stripe bamboo) has lived in a pot for quite a number of years ( I will likely have to break the pot to make divisions), and this year it has decided to go to seed. I looks like many grass stalks with seeds. Only a few regular bamboo stalks are seen. Is this bamboo one of those that dies after setting seed? What should I expect?

Vista, CA(Zone 10a)

All bamboo, except for those that exhibit "gregarious flowering", die after blooming. All rhizomes from the original plant will be on the same genetic clock, no matter how many times plant material has been divided.

New York City, NY

As soon as a species reaches its existence expectancy, the bamboo will flower and produce seeds. when a bamboo plants gregariously, it expends a first-rate amount of strength generating vegetation and seeds. the mass flowering stresses the bamboo to such an extent that it's going to die.

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