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“Garden in a Box” Recs

(Zone 6a)

I am planning to install new garden beds and am looking for an easy-care, low maintenance, full sun perennial garden kit. My space is about 5 feet wide by 20 feet long and rectangular in shape. Can anyone recommend a pre-planned garden kit? Or a tried and true garden plan and where to order the plants? Thanks!!

Denver, CO(Zone 5a)

The best preplanned garden kits sell out fast. I only know of two places to get them, and they're already all gone. But here's a little information -

I don't know how much rain you have, but if you want a garden that doesn't need a lot of water, try High Country Gardens in New Mexico. They have a lot of beautiful garden kits. They're sold out for this year, but you can see some pictures, and what plants they include.

Our Denver water company also sells kits, but they're sold out too.

(Zone 6a)

Thank you Denver 11!! Those kits are really nice and even if they sell out, at least can give me an idea of what to plant!

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