Another wicked flood

Pleasant Valley, MD(Zone 6a)

I have not posted here in a few years...i even lost touch with some of my friends.
But im back to say that once again we got wiped out but the flooding in May. Only this time i lost everything...both greenhouses and 1500 plants.

We had learned our lesson after our last flood in 2011 and we revamped the greenhouse to withstand it all ...and it did...until May of this year.

What a caught us by surprise and i had no time to roll down the sides of the greenhouse....and the water came like a tsunami at a height of 6ft. We had placed the benches at 4ft because past floods never exceeded 3ft. We had metal pipes with concrete securing everything too..and we had flood insurance.

But ha! Mother Nature just laughed and swept my 48ft greenhouse and all stock away to the Potomac River.

So here I am...once again, starting from scratch...and guess what? The insurance company denied our claim saying they only cover flooding from a broken pipe.

So I sit.

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