SOLVED: Tree ID Please

Danvers, MA(Zone 6a)

Only about 10' tall right now.

Thumbnail by slade8200 Thumbnail by slade8200
Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

Could you post full size pictures? Those two are so compressed, not much can be made out.

I suspect it is a fruit tree of some sort, maybe a Prunus sp.

Danvers, MA(Zone 6a)

Sorry, not sure what happened there.

Thumbnail by slade8200 Thumbnail by slade8200
Yumbo, Colombia

Well the trunk looks birtch like.

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

I rescind the Prunus sp. suggestion.

That's a Rhamnus sp. (syn. Frangula sp.) - possibly Rhamnus cathartica - one of the invasive exotic Buckthorn clan.

There looks to be a cluster of greenish fruit that will mature to blue/black. These are relished and then distributed by birds far and wide - as is how many pest plants are dispersed.

See if there are spiky/thorny tips to the stubby branchlets. That's another good ID feature. If you are not absolutely beholden to the plant, you could prune off a good chunk of a branch, and lay it down to intensively photograph all its parts to then post here.

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