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Iím so happy!!!! Iíve finally found an answer to flea beetles!!

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

For 15 or 20 years Iíve been plagued by flea beetles. They make pin size holes in seedlings. I could spray with things like Spinosad, but often I didnít see the damage until it was too late if I went away for a weekend. It was impossible to plant spicy things like arugula, since they ate up the cotyledons before the plants could get established.
This year I bought a pound each of arugula and radish seed. I sprinkled them around the garden, arugula on one half of each side and radishes on the other half. When the cotyledons appeared, they all already had one hole each and the flea beetles were all over. I sprayed and the next day they were gone. A week or so later, a second hole appeared in each cotyledon. I sprayed again and they were gone. Iíve repeated this for several weeks and have pulled up dense patches of my trap crops and re-planted. The reason this is a success is that NONE of my seedlings show flea beetle damage except for two eggplants, which I immediately sprayed.
This is working!!! Iím SO HAPPY!

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Congratulations LAS14. I imagine I'll be that happy if I ever manage to grow tomatoes without finding half-inch thick hornworms kicking it in the upper foliage.

Have you tried nematodes? They're a food-safe option, and increasingly decently priced. This company (link below) has their pest repellents sorted by which species they deter. Also, a clear and rational explanation regarding why their solutions work.


Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

I didn't even know this insect existed until this year when I watched them devour some pac choi plants I had transplanted. It was wild! Thanks for the advice, because they also ate all my arugula as well. Craziest bugs I've seen yet.

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