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Hayes, VA

I live in Eastern Virginia and have multiple spiders like this outside of my home. They only come out at night and are very aggressive (towards each other and people). I was bit by one the other night on my leg and it has now turned to a bruised spot. They are very fast and look very much like a recluse (but i do not think they are). They have reflective eyes like wolf spiders and seem to be living near the gutters of my house. I have not noticed one in a web other than near i web i know was created by a different spider. That being said, all other types of spiders have disappeared from around the front of my house since these appeared. They are rather large in size. With leg span almost the size of a silver dollar. The first photo (spider near the gutter) is slightly larger than the one pictured in the other photos.I also have some decent videos if that helps anyone identify them i can send them to you since it will not let me posted them here!
Thanks for your help!

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Minot, ND

These resemble spitting spiders (Scytodes sp.) which specialize in preying on other spiders. However, the behavior you describe does not fit them well - see
I would really like to see a more clearly focused image, particularly one showing the eye pattern, in order to be confident of an i.d.

Hayes, VA

Ok I'll see if i can get a few better pictures tonight and post them. You may be able to tell better in one of the videos but they are so quick a good photo would probably be best!

Thanks very much

Hayes, VA

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Yumbo, Colombia

Silver dollar is much too big for recluse (by which I have been bitten) and the legs are too long so I think you can rule that out.

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