Newbie here - worm ID???

Ruston, LA


I am fairly new to the gardening world & wondered if someone could help me identify these tiny worms that are all over my morning glory. Iím thinking this may be why it has quit blooming. They are about 1/4Ē long and have a black head a little larger than the body. Iím in zone 8a (North Louisiana) Thanks in advance! 😀

Thumbnail by katiebestclark
Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Are they fuzzy, too? Can't quite see clearly from the pic. All in a group like that while they're still dinky, I'm inclined to say some kind of newly-hatched tent worm. Like so (pic):

Thumbnail by SummerStorm93
Minot, ND

I agree with SummerStorm93

Ruston, LA

Thank you so much, SummerStorn93!

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