Another Spider From Colombia

Yumbo, Colombia

This one had a web ¨nest¨.

Thumbnail by PitterCol
Minot, ND

This is another orb weaver (family Araneidae), but like your other specimen, I cannot take it any further. You likely will have to consult a true expert in the spiders of your geographic area; I appear to have have reached the limits of my personal knowledge base here...

Zillah, WA

Pitter if you could get pictures of its web very clear for the picture i could back my suspicion this is a widow of some type. Theres so many species of widows but i dont believe for a second this is a orb weaver and ive seen literally hundreds of weavers. By the shape and what not of its legs its very distinctive reminder of black widow legs. Its abdomen is pretty strange never seen anything like it but thats the same thing with false widows. Look up false widows it could be one. Hope this helps. Just be careful

Minot, ND

spidlingman, you are dead wrong! Neither the shape of the cephalothorax nor the eye pattern of this spider is consistent with it being a theridiid (the family to which widow spiders belong.

Yumbo, Colombia

Well I will see if I can photograph the web.

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