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Precious Jade in need of major help

Lincoln, NE

Hello! I got my jade about 8 yrs ago from a friends mother who passed away (not sure how old it really is)

moved her outside about a month ago (like I do every year) and recently she has been dropping leaves like crazy as well has stems seem to be rotting or pruning up. (Just lost a big fat one about a week ago )

I know shes looks spindly but before now she has been very full.

She gets filtered morning sun as shes on my front covered porch. I water when soil is dry about 1/2 of finger down. She got repotted about 2 yrs ago.

any help, advice magic tricks?

(Im in Nebraska)

Thumbnail by tondajoe Thumbnail by tondajoe Thumbnail by tondajoe Thumbnail by tondajoe

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